How Do Travel Vloggers Make Money?

Travel vloggers are people who run video travel blogs. The V stands for the videos that they use to document and share their travel content. Travel vlogs offer diverse content including videos of travel destinations, unique activities, attractions, and other travel-related subjects. Nevertheless, most people still do not understand how one can make money from doing that. The following are the key ways on how travel vloggers make money. 

Promoting Travel Destinations 

With a professional travel vlog, it is easy to get hired by tour and travel companies and, even airlines to promote certain destinations where they operate in. To encourage tourism, many NGOs and governments also often sponsor travel vloggers to promote their destinations. Most of these opportunities also come with additional benefits including training, health and travel insurance, endorsements and endless fun. 

Selling Content 

Travel vlogs are a goldmine of diverse content for media, education, research, advertisement, and entertainment. Many media houses today find it more cost-effective to buy authentic content from vloggers than send teams of journalists in the field. Such is also the practice of many advertising, entertainment, and research organizations. Travel videos also offer rich resources for education in fields such as travel and tourism, arts and history. With the increasing demand for authentic and high-quality travel videos, travel vloggers have more opportunities to cash in. 


Since travel vlogs are platforms for sharing videos online, they can also run advertisements. Travel vlogs with thousands of subscribers are likely to get lucrative advertisement deals due to their wider coverage. Similar to the adverts on TV or social platforms like YouTube, travel vloggers can also run the content on their sites. The pay may vary based on the number of subscribers, duration of the advert, the objective of the campaigns among other factors. 

Unlike most careers, making money through travel vlogging requires a keen interest and experience in traveling and business. Nevertheless, there are plenty of opportunities for travel vloggers to collect lasting memories and make money. 

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