How to Travel When You Are Broke

Your financial resources will largely determine your travel experiences. If you have enough money, you can have a great vacation on an expensive cruise because you can afford it. But what happens when you are struggling financially? While your travel options will be limited, you can still travel when broke by applying these ingenious tips.

Look For Discounts and Offers

Your best alternative to travel when broke is to take advantage of all available discounts and offers. You will find many such discounts and offers on many travel websites. Getting an offer that gives you significant discounts on your travel expenses can be perfect for you. Instead of paying for the expensive travel packages, you get to pay only a fraction of it.

Avoid Unnecessary Shopping

Many tourists will shop for various items on their travels. And this adds to the overall cost of the trip. Since you are broke, you don’t have extra money for limitless shopping. You will see amazing things you want to buy on your travel. Don’t forget that you are broke. Being conscious of your poor financial situation will keep you from unnecessary shopping.

Use Public Transport

Nothing compares to enjoying exclusive transportation with your private chauffeur during your travel. There are no disturbances, and you are the center of attention. However, this comes with extra cost. You can avoid this additional cost by using public transport such as buses and trains that are much cheaper but less comfortable.


Being broke doesn’t mean you cannot have a fantastic travel experience. You can take advantage of all available offers and discounts and minimize expenses based on your lean budget. The idea is not to limit your knowledge but to get the most out of the little money. 

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