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Rune Glifberg

Rune Glifberg

Rune Glifberg started skating in 1986, when he was 11 years old. A friend of his bought him his first skateboard and he was hooked ever since. While he gets a charge trying out different forms of skateboarding, he excels most as a vert rider. He is considered as the best vert skater to come from Europe.

His stylish tricks and advanced style has earned him the respect of his peers. He is considered an expert at executing the kickflip backside lipslide. Glifberg has always had a natural talent for skating and says that his favorite tricks are the backside tailslide and frontside ollie.

He is an accomplished rider with several major achievements to his name. During the 90s when he first moved to the United States, he joined Flip Skateboards. He now owns part of that company. Sports footwear and apparel company, Etnies, created two signature shoes for him. He is also featured as a character in the Tony Hawk Series, a computer and video game.

In 1992, he turned pro and he bagged his first major win at the 1996 Slam City Jam. He followed this up with wins at the 2001 Gravity Games, the 2003 World Cup, the 2004 Mystic Cup, and the 2004 Gravity Games.

When he isn’t skating, Glifberg likes to spend time with his two daughters, do a bit of gardening, listen to music and take care of his small collection of BMWs. He was born on October 7, 1974 in Copenhagen, Germany. He stands at 5 feet, eleven inches and weighs 160 pounds.