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DC Shoes & Clothing

DC Shoes is a footwear and clothing company based in Vista, California & was founded in 1993 by two friends, Ken Block & Damon Way - brother to Pro Skater, Danny Way. The pair were determined to treat skateboarders as athletes, rapidly becoming a leader in performance skate footwear for durable, purpose-built skate shoes with credible, groundbreaking designs. As well as skate shoes, DC now produce skate clothing, snowboards and snowboard boots, surf wear and motocross gear; for both men, women and the youth market.

Originally DC stood for 'Droors Clothing', Droors being 1 of 3 companies Ken and Damon created alongside DC in their early 20's. By 2005 DC had grossed around $7 million whilst expanding into clothing and hardware. Today DC Shoes AKA 'DCSHOESCOUSA' still pushes the envelope in skateboard performance and technology whilst staying true to their original mission statement. DC now shifts products in over 52 countries and have a team of dominant sponsored athletes across action sports. DC's expansion from Skateboarding to Snowboarding, Motocross, BMX, Surfing and Rally means you can now find DC's quality and style in snowboards, boots, motoX apparel, surf wear among other things.

Ken Block, (as if you don't know...) has gone on to be a household name, turning his hand to Rally driving first for Subaru then Ford Motorsport. Ken made sure that DC sponsored Freestyle Motocross hall-o-famer Travis Pastrana after he decided to enter into Rally. This led to Ken living out a lifelong passion for motorsport and he started putting out YouTube 'GYMKHANA' videos, further boosting his exposure whilst training for the professional rally circuit.

DC is now a subsidiary of Quicksilver, Inc after a 2004 acquisition and Damon Way, co-founder is quoted as saying "Quiksilver is the ideal partner for us. Their understanding of our vision as it relates to product development, marketing, distribution, global strategies and athletes could not be any better."

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