Travel Tips for Breastfeeding Moms

Some babies roll with changes to their daily routine; others get fussy, anxious, clingy, and nurse less or more frequently than usual. Whether you are taking your breastfeeding baby with you on a trip or you need to travel for a few days for a business trip, here are some tips to help you have a calm journey.

Packing List

You need to create a packing list that will be easily accessible and stocked with wipes, diapers, changing pads, plastic shopping bags, breast pumps, and hand sanitizers. Also, do not forget to carry some healthy snacks and consider your travel time. 

Carry some Milk

Keeping milk supply can concern many traveling breastfeeding mums. Below are some tips that will help preserve your milk supply while traveling:

  • A battery-powered breast pump may be the best option if you need to pump while traveling by car or air.
  • Ensure you have antibacterial wipes or wash your hands with soap and water before and after a pumping session.
  • Keep your breast pump parts clean while traveling by having a designated bag to keep the pump and milk containers or bottles.

Request for the Aisle Seat

If passengers haven’t booked the international flight fully, you could get the whole row with just two or three seats. It would be best to consider traveling during the daytime or days of the week when there are no high volumes of people.

Dress to Nurse

Do not try to nurse in an official shirt you have never worn while traveling with your baby. Find yourself a breastfeeding-friendly dress or top, or do a spaghetti strap tank and a cardigan to have a successful breastfeeding session.

Ask For Help

If you are looking forward to traveling with a baby only, do not hesitate to ask for help getting your luggage through security or checking in the hotel. People are generally willing to give a helping hand to a traveling mum.

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